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Welcome to Center for Liberal Arts Education

About Mt. Dawu College

On August 1, 2014, National Pingtung University of Education and National Pingtung Institute of Commerce merged to become National Pingtung University. As a result, general education centers in both universities were also combined. Because of greater duties and responsibilities, two sections are added in the center based on the merger plan.

The mission of the General Education Center (GEC) is to promote General Education courses and activities to help individual student become a whole person. The courses offered by GEC comprise four areas: General Studies (12 credits), Liberal Education (14 credits), Physical Education (2 credits), and Service Learning (0 credit). General Studies include Chinese, English and Information Management. Moreover, there are six categories in Liberal Education: Philosophy and Moral Thinking, Literature and Aesthetics, Taiwan and World Cultures, Citizenship and Modern Society, Technology and Social Development, and Nature and Ecological Environment. To qualify for graduation, students are required to complete 28 credits from the center. The purpose is for students to strive for a balance between their profession and general knowledge. In addition, students are expected to complete a service learning program to enhance their learning beyond the classroom.

      Based on the school motto, GEC endeavors to hold diverse activities and various academic seminars aimed at providing students with a comprehensive learning environment and campus life. With core abilities in terms of individual, professional and social dimensions, students are expected to be individuals with moral character, creativity, self-learning, macroview, and employability.